In 2017 Mimcord incorporated to its winder machines Industry 4.0 technology thanks to the new Effitronix MICO24 Nano IoT acquisition circuit with the aim of achieving a remote control of the machines, and a continuous quality and process control.

MICO24 Nano controls the process (for production), the product (for quality) and the machine (for predictive maintenance). It captures data from sensors and it automatically sends it to the MICO24 Platform, which performs the analysis and management from the cloud. From any PC or mobile device it is possible to check historical data and receive alerts and warnings.

costs savings
consumption reduce

“We have companies and machines working in Turkey, United States and Portugal. Thanks to MICO24 Nano, we are able to control what every machine is doing no matter where it is placed.”

Joan Rovira
Marketing and
Quality director

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