From traditional maintenance to data capturing and analysis experts for Industry 4.0

We Effitronix are a company committed to innovation, effectiveness and efficiency with 25 years experience in industrial maintenance and automation. Our main mission is to provide a quality service and provide tailor-made and personalized solutions to meet the needs of our clients.


Formation of CV Projectes company


Cam programmer patent for spinning machines


Collaboration with UVIC for the implementation of a Mechatronic bachelor


Implementation of the first MICO24 project


Creation of Effitronix, as a R&D and MICO24 development division


Effitronix absorbs CV Projectes. We change fiscal name

Cambra i Comercio de Osona awards Effitronix as the best service company


Collaboration with Enginyers BCN in “Maintenance Year” event


Collaborations with Eurecat and other innovation centers in conferences and events as Industry 4.0 experts


We get access to the worldwide Indusoft Certified Integrator Program


Launch of the new MICO24 Nano IoT acquisition circuit

Participation for the first time in IoTSWC17 in Generalitat de Catalunya pabillion


Acredited by ACCIÓ as Industry 4.0 advisor

MICO24 Nano Utility Model registration

Effitronix wins the Industry 4.0 award given by the Catalan Engineers Association


Effitronix celebrates its 25th anniversary


The Effitronix privileged position as a Catalan referent in Industry 4.0 is the result of a huge economical effort and the continuous hard work during more than 10 years. We have been working and investing to create and launch new products and services which adapt to the current and future clients requirements.


We have made crystal clear that training is one of the most important pillars of our society. We continuously invest in internal training not only in a technical basis, but also promoting aptitudes as the team building and management, the motivation and communication. We have agreements for student internships with different educational centers.


Most of our projects are collaborative, not only at internal level, but also as external level searching strong collaboration and cooperation with our clients in all the project stages.


Since our origins we have conceived ourselves as a service company. That is why if a client sends us certain equipments with repetitive failures we are the ones who take the initiative of searching the failure origin.

Human team

The main asset of Effitronix is its human team. A multidisciplinary team highly qualified which combines the experience with young people. Professionals with more than 40 years of experience work together with collage students in an internship. This combination allows us to be highly flexible and efficient.


Collaborations with technological companies.

Collaboration with
Educational Centers

We have agreements for student internships from different schools and Universities.  Some of the internship students have been recruited and they are now a part of Effitronix team.

We have collaborated with UVIC in the implantation of Mecatronic bachelor and recently we have started collaborating with La Salle Manlleu – CeFORTEM to train Industry 4.0 prefessionals.

Effitronix collaborates with the Impulsa Foundation to be able to offer a better training, professional and personal future to the young people who need it most.

Acknowledgments and

For the experience and knowledge acquired, we are certified Industry 4.0 advisers recognized by Acció and Catalan Government, helping companies to grow.

We have also been recognized as Innovative SME from the Competitive and Company Ministry from Spanish Government.

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